Dr. O.R. Rice Memorial Area

Dr. Rice was a Assemblyman for Walworth County from 1936 to 1960. On June 13, 1961, This park was dedicated to Mr. Rice by the Walworth County Board of Supervisors. It was dedicated to him for his devoted service, efforts on behalf of  outdoor recreation. He also fought for the conservation of the natural resources, so all residents  of Walworth County and the state of Wisconsin can enjoy them.

Map To Park

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his site is to bring awareness, to a section of U.S. Route 12 between Chicago and Madison, focusing on Walworth County and the lakes by it.

You can expect information about the lakes, area businesses, sites to visit and maybe some interesting stories.

So as you are driving by, stop, and enjoy the atmosphere. Remember, it is not the destination but the experiences along the way.

N7681 State Park Road

P.O. Box: 53115




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