Rice Lake Park

This is a very nice lake to picnic with the family or just go fishing. It offers a play ground with swings, slides, and all sorts of exciting thing for the kids to climb on. There is a field for the kids to play football, or any other running game. The field is also good for a family picnic, there are also picnic tables located around the park.  But what if it rains or, you don’t want to be in the sun? Don’t worry, this park has a big pavilion with grilling stations. When the time arises, there are permanent bathroom facilities. The park is placed on a peninsula, so you have a view of the lake, what ever part you want to enjoy.

Since it is on a  peninsula, you can choose from three sides to fish, without leaving the park. If you get tiered  of shoreline fishing, the boat landing is feet away from the playground.

So if you are on vacation or just driving by, stop, enjoy the great outdoors.

Map of Park                                                                                 Rice Lake



his site is to bring awareness, to a section of U.S. Route 12 between Chicago and Madison, focusing on Walworth County and the lakes by it.

You can expect information about the lakes, area businesses, sites to visit and maybe some interesting stories.

So as you are driving by, stop, and enjoy the atmosphere. Remember, it is not the destination but the experiences along the way.

N7681 State Park Road

P.O. Box: 53115





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