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Flowing Well Whitewater, Wisconsin

Flowing Well

The flowing well is a nice place to sit and relax with friends on a hot day, after church, or just want to enjoy the great outdoors sipping on some very sweet cold water.  It is not uncommon to see cars lined up to retrieve some water to take home by the gallons, or just fill up their water bottles and go on their way.

I remember the drought of 2014, everything was brown and it was very hot. A friend and I went to the Flowing Well to get some water. We filled up our glasses, sat and drank. The trees were alive and green, swaying in the cool breeze. As We sat and drinking that refreshing sweet water. it felt like heaven on earth.

A lady liked it so much she did a short video on it.


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The towns in and around the Route 12 Lake Experience area, South East Wisconsin, Walworth County, are quaint and fun to explore. But how are our business’ doing? How are the towns/ business’ doing bringing in outside dollars as people drive by?

I remember a friend and I were exploring a town and wanted some coffee, we pulled out our phones and googled coffee places in our area.  We got results in other towns or gas stations, not what we were looking for, so we decided to leave. As we started to go we turned down a street and there was an old train station that was turned into a coffee house, we had such a good time there, but they almost lost our business. How much other business have they lost?

Drop in the Bucket Marketing is offering community enhancement, community digital development. Take a look at the business view. Do you think Drop in the Bucket Marketing can help your business and community?

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